The Tofu And The Keto Diet: – A Healthy Vegetarian Staple?




The KETO DIET is among the most effective and efficient health drift of the century and many people are absorbing the rewards of the same. Incredible number of people have consumed and opted keto diet to loosen weight, reduce inflammation and manage their diabetics and among other things. Tofu keto diet is really great when it comes about keto diet options.But is this lifestyle being perfect for everyone? And if you opted for a vegan or for a vegetarian food habits then you may be wondering if the low carb fat diet is suitable for your lifestyle?


Can a Vegan and Vegetarian be a Keto Diet follower?


The ultimate aim of the tofu Keto Diet is to drift your body into a metabolic state known as KETOSIS. In order to reach this state, your body must be deprived of its main energy source- Glucose. In the process of the same, your body/liver will initiate to produce Ketones, which are made from breakdown of fats. This becomes the body’s main source of powerhouse. The major portion of carbohydrates that are intake, are broken down into sugar glucose, the reason is why keto diet is very restrictive when it comes to amount of carbs one can consume a day. The ratio of micro-nutrients on a standard keto diet is 5% carbs, 20% proteins and 75% fats.


Non- Vegetarian absorbs most of their fats from dairy products like Egg, Meats and Poultry and Fish. Since, those are off the grid for Vegetarians and Vegans, one must store their proteins and fats from alternative foods. Unprecedentedly this is where the diet gets very inhibitory. Some of the vegetarian consume staple diet like Fruits, Beats, Legumes, Roots, Grains and Starches but these are note permitted on a keto diet. However, there are many other foods that are authorized.


Some of the foods are: –

  • Coconut & Olive Oil.
  • Nuts & Seeds.
  • Leafy Greens.
  • Berries
  • Almond Butter.
  • Cauliflower.
  • Avocado.


Although the Keto Diet does eradicate a few food groups that the vegetarian depends on. Everyone of them have different calorie needs states based on their current health status, activities and level of BMI. A keto diet follower could always work with vegetarian lifestyle. It will absorb a bit time but ultimately one can get to blend with the routine.


Is Tofu Affable?


Tofu is a sort of Bean Curd made from Soya bean, is the primary best alternative to meat. The soybean’s soaked, filtered and grounded, boiled and filtered to produce milk. This Soy Milk is then precipitated, and the remaining curds are forged into cubes to form/produce the end products.

Per 100gm of boiled soybeans contains: –

  • Calories – 173 Kcal.
  • Fat – 9 gm.
  • Total Carbs -10 gm.
  • Net Carbs – 4 gm.
  • Fiber – 6 gm.
  • Proteins – 17 gm.

According to the numerical, it is the most simplified to see why most plant- based dieters opt for soya beans because of high value of proteins. The net carb is soya beans are in a beat higher than Keto/ Standard diet. It also depends on the food alterations being made; it does have a place over Keto Shelves.


Tofu has a slightly different nutritional menu as the soya bean have gone through a manufacturing process. There are many different variations of tofu on the market and they also come in three different textures.



There are various tofu foods which could be explored in the supermarkets. They are as: –


  • SILK TOFU: – This is a Japanese Style of Tofu and is neither drained not forged during the process. It has the optimum water level content as compared to other tofu variations and is used to prepare smoothies and desserts. Due to optimum water content, silk tofu is also relatively low in carb. it fulfills the role of nutritious need through tofu keto diet




  • SOFT TOFU: – This is a Chinese Style of Tofu. Its texture is not as varnish as silk tofu but can be used in the same way. Soft Tofu has also an optimum water content and relatively low in carb. A 100gm of serving of soft tofu contains 1.3gm of carbs.




  • FIRM TOFU : – It is the most common style of tofu found over many supermarkets. It is usually packed in water and vacuumed sealed. The texture could be equalized to Feta. It won’t break apart when you consume it. Out of the package, but it is easy to chop. A 100gm serving of this tofu contains 2.4gm of carbs.




Tofu is the most optimized source of protein for most plant-based dieters. However low-fat content is always ideal for Keto Dieters especially in the beginning stages of the diet when keto flu is likely to strike.







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