Maintaining a keto diet in this lockdown period is becoming difficult in lockdown days. COVID’19 has various pitfalls and now affecting the people on a  keto diet as well. Some people are self-isolating themselves to keep them safe from the pandemic effects of COVID’19.  It is good if in such days you manage to keep your family safe and healthy. Store foods with low-carb in your fridges. This will help you in maintaining the keto diet in COVID’19.

We have come up with doctor’s recommendations for COVID’19


1.Adopt Social Distancing during COVID’19

This is the prior suggestion by doctors. People need to keep and maintain social distancing. They should not wait for govt and higher authorities. It is good to stay home and take essential precautions suggested by doctors. It is must maintain keto diet in COVID’19

  • do not touch the face
  • use sanitizer
  • cover your face with masks
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • keep distance with the person you are talking
  • consider working form if it is required
  • eat healthy food to strengthen your immune system

2. Stock Your Fridge with Low-Carb Options in Keto Diet

You can stock your fridge with the food items that are of low-carb and high fat. Keto healthy food to keep your immune system strong, so that your body can fight with every disease. Keep a good stock with keto diet in COVID’19.

Some of the suggested food items:

  • eggs– It can last for log in the fridge. Eggs are good to be stored as they can be used for even more than a month. It is also a keto-friendly healthy meal. A good option to maintain the keto diet COVID’19
  • cream- table cream, sour cream, are also good options as they are keto-friendly. It adds flavors to your taste. Heavy cream is also a good option to keep in mind.
  • meat/ or fish- It is good to be stored. A healthy and a keto-friendly option to at any time.
  • cheese and butter-  Cheese and butter are handy fo recipes. A good option for adding flavors to the recipes.

3. Stock your Pantry with Low-Carb options

  • Canned and Glass goods-  Flaked chicken, salmon, tuna, tomatoes paste, olives, and roasted peppers are good options for your stock.
  • nut flours-  It includes flours like almond flours and coconut flours.
  • jerky– beef, pork, even salmon, all these comes under this category as these include some of the taste for the non-vegetarians.
  • dry goods – do not forget olive oils, cooking oils, peppers, salts, onions and etc which add glitters to your dishes.
  • nuts- pecans, brazil nuts, walnuts, and almonds are the foods that fall in the category.

4. Track and Manage Food Expiry Dates

As it has become difficult to shop more at this time. This pandemic has locked us into homes.  So, it is good to store items for having long-lasting food containers in our homes.

A good idea to maintain is to keep a record of all the food items stored in the fridge.  Take a notepad and add all the items in the fridge in the note pad and also write their expiry date. This will help you to maintain records easily.

And cook the items before whose expiry date is before the other. This is how this plan works.

5. Make sure You Have Personal Essentials

You must have a record of the items you must have which is a non-food.

  • Extra supplies of medications
  • coffee tea and other beverages
  • toothpaste and other essential toiletries

Boost your immune system to fight coronavirus

It is essential to build up your immune system to fight with the COVID’19 pandemic. One should include food with good minerals and vitamin-rich food in their diet to fight with this problem. It is observed people with poor immune systems easily catch problems and diseases. So, it is the only best way to fight from all the problems and diseases coming in your way. involve a healthy diet in your meals like the keto diet, which has high fat and healthy food in your diet plans.

It is seen that people with diabetes 2 problems catch coronavirus easily. So, for the diabetic patient it is must follow a good keto diet to keep your immune system strong and healthy.

Recent studies have proven that a keto diet reduces the risk of mice infected with influenza. Keto diet effectively works on the symptoms of the coronavirus.

Keto-friendly ingredients and food items help people to fight with many problems. Keto diet has various healthy food items. It has various meal plans that help you to boost your immune system and fight coronavirus. This pandemic can only be fought when you are strong enough physically and mentally. This strength can be obtained when you have good plans for your meals. For that, you should follow keto diet plans and also consider the keto diet risks as well. Maintain good keto diet in COVID’19.

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