The best advantage of being on a ketogenic diet is that its high fat intake rarely leaves you feeling hungry. However, a  movie without snacks doesn’t add much fun to the movie. Not having snacks while being in a movie theatre, just because you are on a diet! Maybe! On a diet but not on a keto diet.

You should not compromise your movie nights because of diet. We have come up with a list of many delicious low-carb and high-fat diets.

When it is about watching movies, after deciding the movie, the first thing that pops our mind is the popcorn. But popcorns are supposed to be ignored while following a keto diet plan. So, we have come with the best substitutes of popcorns, that will never let your fun of the movie go down!

What Makes A Good Keto Movie Snack


Before we go for the actual snack, we can go for the good keto snack by knowing the best keto that is healthy snacks. The key to being on a keto diet is by being low-carb or no-carb.

The other option goes for high fat that will lead you to feel no hunger and cravings.

There are some protein-rich foods or snacks that will add flavors to your movie.

The list is as follows-

  • Tasty keto cookies
  • No-carb fat bombs
  • Healthy Mixed Nuts and seeds
  • Pork Rinds
  • Organic Pepperoni chips
  • Low-carb Cheese cracker

   Tasty keto cookies


It is a good option for home keto snacks with low-carbs, especially for the sweet tooth. There are keto cookies available at stores as well. So, either you can make at your places by looking for suitable ingredients or simply trust the stores and go for the options available at stores.

   No Carb Fat Bombs




These fat bombs are now trending in the world of keto diets. There are many ways to make a “fat ball” or fat bombs, but the most preferred ones are Cinnamon maca keto bite. In this all the ingredients are natural and there are no artificial sweeteners present in them. These little balls have a good amount of energy in them and also have the right amount of fats to improve your HDL level. HDL is considered to be good cholesterol.


   Zucchini Chips

Zucchini chips are considered as the best substitutes for potato chips and popcorns. The cooking recipe of this is simple and can be easily found on the sections of keto blogs. And one can make it as per their taste i.e. sweet or salty.


   Organic Pepperoni chips


Other than the delicious taste these chips use pepperoni as its main ingredient. The first step is to slice the pepperoni into the small discs and then pop them on the tray and then keep them in the oven to get it heated and roasted for about 10 mins at 400-degree Fahrenheit. This recipe is simple and has no carbs and provides you enough energy to keep you energetic during the entire movie. 

Do not forget to add MCT oil in your ingredients to work on your metabolism.


  Low Carb Cheese cracker bursts

Crackers are one of the best options in keto dietary snacks. These are cheesy, crunchy, salty that perfectly replace the popcorns. These contain very low carbs and many of them contain the least of 0-2 gm of carb content. Some recipes require a lot of ingredients and most importantly take a lot of your precious time from your daily schedule, but this hardly takes 7-8 minutes to be baked in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. This is simple and one of the best and most preferred options considered by being on the keto diet plan and also not ignoring the fun for movies.


   Pork Rinds


This is something at the substitutes of nachos and popcorns. But this is not for vegans or for those who are allergic to some nonveg food. It contains low carbs and zero carbohydrates in their ingredients but contains a substantial amount of fats in the ingredients which keep you energetic and enjoy the movie for the time being. It also contains good proteins and these are easily available in stores and one can also roast them and make them more cheesy by adding cheese as per their taste flavors.


   Mixed nuts and seeds

A variety of healthy and organic nuts and seeds in piles on a slate surface.

These mixed nuts and seeds are one of the best nuts and seeds to add fun to your movie nights by adding more taste to your good time. Though these are good in taste, it is advised to go for low-carb foods like hemp. Although tasty, try to avoid cashews while being on a keto diet. Cashews have a high content of carbs compared to the other nuts and seeds.


   Chomps Meat Snacks

Chomps are the pure combination of 100% grass-fed and finished beef venison.

There are 3 chomps varieties that are valid for keto dieters:-

  1. Original beef- They are slightly smokey, slightly spicy, and give you a mouth-watering experience. The ingredients used are sourced from cape grim beef, Tasmania, Australia. 

It has 9gm  protein, 0gm sugar, 90gm calories.

  1. Hoppin’ jalapeno beef-It is made with jalapeno peppers, It is not a cheap powder. The ingredients used are grass-fed and finished beef sustainably and are sourced from cape grim beef, Australia.

 It has 9gm protein, 0gm sugar, 90gm calories

3.Sea salted cracked pepper venison- It includes 100% grass-fed venison and 100%grass-fed beef. The taste and the texture are admired by all the dieters.

 It has 9gm protein, 0gm sugar, 90gm calories

Each stick holds almost 9-10gm of protein and almost 100 gm or calories or below than that. They are easy to store in your cars or bags wherever you feel like carrying them.


Snacks that are not keto

There are options for the snacks that are not keto but fall in the category of the snacks we like to have. These are some of my favorites and of all time.

So these are not the keto-friendly snacks and supposed to keep yourself away from such snacks so that the diet does not get disturbed.



Popcorns are liked by almost all people. And if it is about movie time, then popcorns are the second most important thing that pops into our mind. 

But the fact can not be ignored that popcorns are not keto-friendly and should be avoided by the people on keto diets. As popcorns have high carbohydrates, hence it is not good for the people following the keto diet.

If you want to go for something that tastes like popcorn you can go for pork rinds and also give a try to veggie chips. Just make sure that they do not contain added sugar in them.


Dried Fruits

Dried fruits like cranberries, raisins are really good when it comes to sweet teeth. But these dry fruits have a high amount of sugar content in them, no doubt these have natural sugar content in them but any sugar content is not good for the people going for the keto diet plan. If you want to go for options of sweeteners go for raw strawberries, blueberries, blackberries. Just avoid fruits with high content of carbs that are bananas.


Commercial Peanut Butter

Peanuts are perfectly acceptable on a ketogenic diet. However, most stores use poor ingredients which have high trans fats and sugar content, So, it is better to make peanuts at your home or to check the brand quality before buying from the stores. If the quality is good then no doubt peanuts are considered as keto-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions



  • Can I have popcorn while on a keto diet?


Popcorns have a high content of carbs. Yes, popcorns have high carbs and that is strictly ignored while being on a keto diet. You can go for chips and other prescribed options as detailed in the article. If in any case, You want to go for the popcorn option then you can go for 50grams of net carbs.



  • What candy can I eat on a keto diet?


The candies have a high content of sugar content in them, so it is advised to ignore the sweeteners or can go for snacks made at home, or sugar-free marshmallows, raw raspberries, blackberries, blueberries.


  • Can I drink Coke zero keto?


No, that is not recommended. But diet coke is ok.

Artificial sugars result in more cravings of the people and that leads to more cravings towards food and having more meals a day. So , it is prescribed that diet coke should be preferred over them.


  • Can I drink milk on keto?


Keto is a high-fat low carb with a good protein diet. So, milk can be considered one of the meals while being on keto diet. Milk is keto-friendly. Several kinds of milk are not keto-friendly, so before having milk the carb content of the milk must be checked.


  • What cereals have no carbs?


The organic cereals, low carbs and some of the gluten-free cereal is popular amongst the little ones as well as among the adults.


  • Does alcohol ruin ketosis?


Definitely yes, alcohol is not good while you are on a keto diet.SO it is advised not to go for alcohol while following any of the diet plans especially while being on a keto diet as prescribed by the Mayo clinic.


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