If you are on a ketogenic diet then you should focus on your carb intake. The carb intake should be low and fat intake should be high. The diet varies from person to person. The minimal intake for keto dieters should be less than 20gram for per person. While eating a moderate amount of proteins and lots of fats. This is a state of ketosis, where the body works on burning fats rather than carbs. Here, the carbs work as a fuel for the body. A Keto breakfast recipe can help you to replace your craving for unhealthy food.

So, on a keto diet, you should know what to eat and what not to eat. foods like oats, yogurt, fruit, cereal, bread, is avoided. As all this item contains a large amount of carb intake. Rather than focusing on what you can not eat, focus on what you can eat. Like eggs, meat, avocado, keto bread, etc.

Some of the delicious easy keto breakfast ideas are

    1. 90-Second keto bread

It is quick keto-friendly bread that looks like an English muffin. Partner it with eggs and serve it with the bread. Both together will make a good breakfast. Mix the egg, coconut flour, baking powder, salt all together in a bowl. Add some cheese and flavor and keep it in the fridge for about 1 minute. And then keep it and slice into 2 equal halves.

     2. Keto breakfast Pancakes


Pancakes are real high carbs and not prescribed in the keto diet. But now, good keto-friendly pancakes are easy to make at home. Take the cheese, eggs, baking powder, flour, salt and blend all together. Take the butter and melt it and heat it in about 2-3minutes. Mix the paste with the butter. Cook it until it turns golden brown. Serve it with strawberries.

   3. Veggie-Packed-Frittata

It is a good low-carb keto breakfast. You can add meat and chicken sausage. You can also add cheese, broccoli and other healthy minerals like vegetables, etc. Whisk the egg, cream, salt all together in a bowl. Place the bacon in the oven and cook it till it turns crispy. and then bake the mixture till its cooked. Then wrap the mixture to the bacon. Serve it well.

  4. Egg Wraps

Eggs wraps are good for keto breakfast. It contains a low-carb. High content of proteins and minerals in eggs. Place the flour, egg, salt altogether. Mix it well in the bowl. Take the meat and make a good mixture. Wapp the mixture into the egg omelet. Serve it with homemade tomato sauce.

    5. Cauliflower Rice bowl


The cauliflower rice bowl is one of the easiest homemade keto breakfast. This recipe is easy to make at home using the bean, chili powder, water, corn, salt, and stir it well. Heat the mixture for about 5-7 minutes. Then place a saucepan on the case . Put little oil and heat it at medium flame. Then add the mixture with rice into the oil. Cook it well for about 10-12minutes.

    6.Keto Loaf bread

You might be going for a keto diet. Mix the ingredients well like flour, baking powder, salt into a bowl well. Place into the oven for 5-10 mins at 350degrees. After roasting, take it out and place it on the bread. Recipe

  7. No Carb Fat Bombs

These fat bombs are now trending in the world of keto diets. There are many ways to make a “fat ball” or fat bombs, but the most preferred ones are Cinnamon maca keto bite. In this all the ingredients are natural and there are no artificial sweeteners present in them. These little balls have a good amount of energy in them and also have the right amount of fats to improve your HDL level. HDL is considered to be good cholesterol.


 8.  Zucchini Chips


Zucchini chips are considered the best substitutes for potato chips and popcorns. The cooking recipe of this is simple and can be easily found on the sections of keto blogs. And one can make it as per their taste i.e. sweet or salty.

The Bottom Line

The focus of the ketogenic diet is to focus more on high fats and low carb diets. The aim is to improve the performance of the athletes. The keto breakfast recipes will help you to completely fulfill the requirements.

Keto flu symptoms should not be ignored. Any allergy and other symptoms like sleepless nights, fevers, headaches are not good symptoms.

In case of any of these symptoms, a person following a keto diet must consult with a doctor. No risk should be taken when it is about health.

Few benefits of Keto Diet

 It reduces:-

  -it helps in losing weight


  -reduces the risk of cancer

  -reduces the risk of heart diseases

  -helps in Alzheimer’s risk

  -helps in good functioning of the brain

Side effects of the keto diet

There are various side effects of keto as well. People need to be very much careful while going for a keto diet plan. You must first consult the doctor before going for the keto plan. Various side effects of keto plan are known as keto-flu. It causes headaches, dehydration, fever, body pain, etc. This works on the dehydration process while helping you in losing weight so it also causes constipation due to dehydration. The loss of water from the body brings numerous changes in the body due to such adverse effects of the keto flu.

It is prescribed to take proper medication if you catch keto flue. And should not go fo keto diet plan until it is required. Keto diet requires a healthy and good control on the diet. people getting careless on a keto diet may suffer problems and various heart and improper body functioning. Tastes are compromised but now various good options are also available. Good movie snacks are available. Now yummy and delicious options are available as explained various recipe options.  Yummy and delicious food is on a step away. Go and cook a healthy meal for yourself. No dependency on others just easy and short time meals. Reduce your cravings for any food item, by keeping your promise. A promise made to lose your weight and to be healthy by not compromising anything.




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