Many people follow paleo and keto diet because they want to lose their health. And also because they want to recover or make themselves healthy. Yet, paleo and keto diet both are quite similar. These do have some differences in these two diets.


What is the Paleo Diet?

This diet works on optimal health. It says eating food that early humans used to have, will provide an optimal health change.

One of the studies regarding the Paleo diet says that the modern food technique is damaging human health. If you adjust your diet according to the paleo diet plans then you will have a good digestive system. According to this, the paleo diet improves the health and the immune system of the body.

Paleo ignores the legumes, sugars, grains, and most sources of daily products. Foods that are permitted on the Paleo diet are as follows:

  • Eggs
  • Meat and fishes
  • veggies
  • fruits
  • nuts
  • only some selected fats like coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oils, peanut oils.
  • coconut sugar, minimally processed sugars

Paleo is something more than a diet. Paleo diet has a strong focus on lifestyle.

What is the Keto Diet?

Most tissues in the human body run from glucose. The glucose in our body is achieved from carbohydrates and fats stored in the body.

Keto Diet is a diet process that focuses on low-carbs and high fat. The fats consumption works as a fuel. The human body takes energy when required from the stored fat.

The keto diet macronutrient breakdown works as the following:

  • fats(60-80%)
  • carbohydrates(20-30%)
  • proteins(5-10%)

It is clear that low carbohydrates and high fat consumption is the concept of a keto diet.

The aim of the keto diet is to lose weight and works on improving the functioning of the body. It also requires foods that has low-carb and high fats with a mineral-rich diet.

Comparison between the  Paleo and Keto Diet

 Paleo focuses more on Ideology

          Keto focuses more on Macronutrients

The paleo diet focuses on the lifestyle as well not just works on the diets being consumed. Whereas, the Keto diet has nothing related to the ideology lifestyle concept.

While the Paleo diet is very specific. It does not have anything related to the concept of macronutrients. You are permitted to eat as much as fat, protein, carbohydrates. It is just that the item you have chosen from the list of “allowable” items of the paleo diet. Yes, it is not restricted to what nutrients you intake in your diet.

While the Keto diet highlights what amount of carbs and fats are supposed to be eaten while you are on a keto diet.

Paleo allows for whole-food carbs

        Keto allows dairy and Some Soyfoods

Paleo does not emphasize on macronutrients. Your diet could have high carbs content, depending on what meal you chose from the list of prescribed foods. As grains, refined sugars, and legumes are not permitted in the paleo diet, the carb sources on the paleo diet are somewhat limited but not eliminated.

Paleo diet allows carbs as it does not restrict fruits, veggies, and other carb-containing foods.

Whereas, Keto permits and also encourages to have dairy foods and products in the meal. It strictly restricts the intake of carbs in the diet.

It encourages dairy products like cream, butter, and other dairy products. But id does not allow ice-cream because ice cream is alow-fat-to carb ratio product.

Soy foods like tofu, tempeh, and soybeans are allowed and also asked to add this in the diet if you are following a keto diet plan. Soy milk is not good for the people following a keto diet.

Paleo does not allow any of the soy foods and discourages all the types of dairy products while you are on a paleo diet.

 Which One is Healthier?

Both paleo and keto diets are healthy options. It depends on what these diets are been taken and how effectively one follows the two diets.

Paleo diet is healthier for the people who allergic to the various ingredients. It is because the Paleo diet has a reserved amount of food for intake.

Keto diet does not suit everyone as it has some drawbacks. The symptoms of a keto diet are caused due to the keto flu that causes headaches, fever, and other allergies.

Keto diet is often adopted after consulting with the doctors, whereas the paleo diet has not yet measured any of such many cases yet. One must focus and follow some keto diet rules while following a keto diet plan.

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