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Cannabidiol(CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in resinous flower while going back to thousands of years ago. It is a trending ingredient in the natural product. This drug works by interacting with our regulatory system, which is made up of cannabis like molecules.

CB1 receptors are mainly present in the brain. There they work on motor skills, memory, cognition, brain. It also works on the nervous system of the body.

Is CBD legal?

Technically, yes CBD is illegal but it can not be fully said that. The cannabis plant works in various ways.

In other ways, it comes from hemp hence, it is legal. Though it comes from hemp, there is a guarantee that it contains THC.

The food and drug Administration are still trying to figure out how to regulate this drug.

Health Benefits of CBD

It is used to cure diseases and various health issues. It works on anxiety and also controls the spread of cancer. Its medication has also been used to treat Lenox-gastaut.

How CBD is used?

This is available in a variety of forms. Some of the forms are:-

  1. edibles
  2. capsules and pills
  3. vaping, etc.

Risks of Taking CBD

In 2017 according to World Health Organisation(WHO), it was claimed that CBD is safe to consume in its normal and natural form.

But according to the National Institutes of Health, few risks came in front:-

  1. Side effects- Drowsiness, Dry mouth, Lwow blood pressure, lightness, etc.
  2. Drug Interactions- Proper consultation is a must before consuming the drug.
  3. Inadequate Regulation- Good regulation of this drug is a must to keep the good functioning of the body.
  4. No security- There is not yet proven research that claims whether this is safe or not.