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CBD is very anti-inflammatory and thus helps skin conditions like acne or rosacea to scale back inflammation and breakouts. The obsession of the beauty industry with CBD (short for cannabidiol) – isn’t slowing down. Hailed as a “miracle cure” in skin and body care, it’s made up of the entire Sativa cannabis plant, including leaves, stalks, flowers and seeds.

The plants are made from quite 100 different cannabinoids, one among them being CBD that differs from THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the illegal psychoactive ingredient within the plant).

In the past two years, beauty brands have been inspired to incorporate CBD in their products following a surge in customer interest in CBD’s health benefits, alongside further research into them since the legalization of medicinal cannabis (which must contain but 0.05% THC) in November 2018. 

Although, hemp oil (not to be confused with CBD) has been utilized in beauty products for a much longer time – The Body Shop has used it in its collection of hemp since the 90s – and is yet another cannabis derivative which is made up of pressed hemp seeds which are additionally entirely legal and natural. Neither hemp nor CBD-based products consist of THC, but some countries like Australia group all the products which are cannabis-based under THC, including skincare.

So, why have we suddenly become hooked into cannabidiol? “CBD is very anti-inflammatory and thus helps skin conditions like acne or rosacea to scale back inflammation and breakouts,” says Dr Timm Golueke, a dermatologist at London’s Urban Retreat.

“It has age-defying properties because ageing is taken into account chronic inflammation which results in the degradation of collagen. It also can reduce sebum production, making CBD an excellent choice for greasy skin types.”

And it’s not just your skin which it benefits, rather your mind as well. CBD motivates relaxation and brings a general calmness to your overall well being. Another reason why CBD is so popular is that you get results fast. Our cells naturally act receptive towards CBD, and since of the molecules’ miniature size, they penetrate the epidermis easily and quickly. So you will see a difference to your skin and feel a change in your mood in no time.

The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis says that the CBD market is currently one among the fastest-growing well being product categories within the UK. At this rate, it’ll be worth almost £1bn once a year by 2025, equivalent in size to the present entire UK herbal supplement market. If that is not an ode to its results, then what is?

If you’re looking to explore whether cannabeauty works for you, here are the CBD beauty products with the best healing properties and beautifying effects of CBD. You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn a commission from a number of the sellers, but we never permit this to influence selections, which are formed from expert advice and real-world testing. This revenue assists in funding journalism across The Independent.

1. Kloris CBD Bath Melts

Kloris Bath-Bombs



This pack of 3 mini soaps are so good; we couldn’t help but use all three in one sitting. Gorgeously silky on the skin, all feature a strong 50mg of CBD that quite easily does as it says – melts upon contact with water. Massage into wet skin while within the tub, then lie back, relax and emerge feeling moisturized, with no getting to the other oils or lotions post-bath. As for a side note, we highly admire the fully recyclable and retro packaging that reminds us of an old sweet box. Full marks all round.

2. Westlab Mindful Bath Salts

Kick-start your bedtime routine with a couple of those magnesium-rich Epsom and Himalayan salts which are infused with bergamot and frankincense essential oils to assist you in creating a tranquil oasis in your tub, with the bonus of CBD that encourages a relaxed and relaxed psychological state. Unlike other toiletry which will often feel scratchy at rock bottom of the bathtub, these don’t irritate your skin. the right antidote to a busy day.

3. Ohne Yours, Hormonally

Born from a robust belief that each woman should be ready to go through their period-cycle without any disruption to their daily routines or pain from menstruating, we love this product from Ohne. This ingestible, under-the-tongue, CBD supplement has been formulated to assist balance mood swings and keep your hormones in restraint, specifically during your period. Although the oil-based drops do feel quite unusual under the tongue, the inclusion of avocado and coconut oil (both amazing for your skin) means there’s no horrible after taste. an excellent option if you struggle with the consequences of unbalanced hormones during your period.

4. Malin + Goetz Cannabis Hand and Body Wash

Although this is often not a CBD product intrinsically, its smell and fragrance are synced with the earthy and rich scent of the best-selling cannabis Eau de parfum from an equivalent range. This isn’t a heady fragrance. Instead, it’s a robust yet clean aroma, balanced with both floral and spicy notes. You can use it as a luxury hand wash or lather it up while within the shower. the right unisex scent.

5. BEYOU CBD Muscle Balm

If you’re a passionate gym-goer, this is often an absolute must for your kit bag. The all-natural skin-nurturing balm combines top-quality 300mg CBD with calming lavender and eucalyptus essential oils to alleviate aches and sore muscles. It’s non-sticky and super lightweight which suggests it sinks into the skin easily and leaves no oily veil behind. Exercise aside, our top suggestion is to massage the balm into your feet after an evening tottering in skyscraper heels, or maybe better, get somebody else to massage it certain for you. Ah, bliss!

6.Votary Super Boost Night Drops

Hand-blended in small batches within the UK, this lightweight night oil makes use of premium ingredients including 2 percent of authentic CBD for its anti-inflammatory prowess which at the same time soothes, nourishes and calms irritated skin. To build up luminosity, the strawberry seed oil is added, which is rich in ellagic acid, encouraging a youthful glow and even skin tone. It’s packaged within the brand’s signature green bottles which are incidentally and fully recyclable look quite attractive on the shelf of your bathroom. For accurate results, use directly on the skin for four to 6 weeks or ongoing maintenance mix a couple of drops together with your regular night cream. Unfortunately, a glow like this doesn’t come cheap, but we expect it’s worthwhile.

7. Hugg CBD Clay Face Mask

Does your skin need a fast wake-me-up? This wash-off mask will provide it with a lift in no-time. full of 50mg of CBD oil and antioxidant-rich Dead Sea mud, this mask hydrates and puts life back to your complexion in only 5 minutes straight, leaving a refreshing zing to your skin. Think flushed cheeks and a healthy glow. Our only disappointment is that it’s only available during a 50ml pot. 

8. Auerlia CBD Super Serum

Joining the ranks of the award-winning probiotic skincare range, this serum is formed from pure CBD crystals (extracted and purified from the feminine hemp plant) rather than CBD oil (which can often be highly diluted). This unique CBD technology is suspended in mucopolysaccharide to spice up hydration, stimulate collagen, plump skin and reduce wrinkles. The super-light, almost odourless formula sinks into the skin in seconds, leaving a soft feel and a dewy finish. Although it comes at a price, only one or two pumps is ample per application. a touch does go an extended way. 

9. The Inkey List hemp oil cream moisturizer

If you’re trying to find a reasonable introduction to CBD-based products, make this your go-to. This daily moisturizer is infused with hemp oil which naturally contains a high amount of omega-3 and omega-6 that helps calm and soothe irritated and stressed skin while replenishing hydration too. Although highly moisturizing, it is a lightweight and non-sticky formula, while the 30ml weight makes it a handy handbag must-have for busy beings that always prepare on the go. It works wonders as a cream too.

10.Balance Me Beauty Sleep Concentrate

Need a hand to modify off at night? You’re not alone. a 3rd of adults within the UK have insomnia. This handy CBD and hemp seed oil cocktail will help induce relaxation and permit busy, stressed minds to hamper . an excellent handbag or bedside table essential to assist you are feeling less frazzled. And who doesn’t love a roller-ball applicator? Roll onto pulse points (wrists, inner elbow, neck, earlobes) and deeply inhale for a few guaranteed shut-eye.

11. Disciple London Miracle Patches

If you don’t just like the idea of putting drops under your tongue, but still want to reap the advantages of CBD, these bright patches are your answer. Activated by the heat inside your body, each patch releases 8mg of CBD into your bloodstream over 24 hours, helping to stay you quiet and calm, comforted and connected. However, best used on a hair-free area (imagine ripping off an enormous plaster from your skin) our tester placed patches on her back to manage her lower back pain while within the office. an excellent natural alternative to popping an anti-inflammatory pill. Pain or no pain, these patches will benefit your general well being discreet. We feel a trend has been born.

12. The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector 

The Body Shop founder, Anita Roddick, was the pioneer of using hemp-based products in beauty and worked tirelessly to teach consumers the advantages of CBD. This non-greasy cream has been a best-seller since its launch in 1998. it’ll leave your hands feeling nourished and soft, but the earthy smell may take a while to urge won’t to. An affordable and worthy investment for winter-parched hands.

13. Elf Cosmetics Calm Balm Lip Balm 

Kiss dry lips goodbye with this hemp-infused ointment that keeps chapped lips cornered while also giving your pout a lightweight gloss minus any stickiness. Alongside hemp-derived marijuana, this trusty balm features edible seed oil, meadow-foam seed oil and jobs oil for nourished, super soft lips. One for your back pocket to urge you through the cold season.

Our Verdict

With our blog we have tried to bring to you the best CBD beauty products and skincare items. Hemp and CBD beauty products; eventually, the Kloris bath melts stands nowhere in the list. The mini soaps are luxurious to use without a hefty tag and that they leave skin with a smooth veil that’s hard to beat. Everything from the concept to the packaging got a 10/10 with every tester. Westlab’s mindful toiletry also deserves a shout out for their hard-working ingredients and power to assist us to relax in both mind and body.

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